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The Beast: Who Is the Beast?

The Beast: Who Is the Beast? - Student edition

Elders: Sound Thoughts About the Order of Elders  (Come HaQodesh prayer)

The Jubilee Calendar: A Major Point of Contention

Nazarenes and the Oral Torah

Reclaiming Yeshua for Judaism

Resurrection: The Origin & Future of a Biblical Doctrine

Thursday, the Day our Savior Died

To Eat or Not to Eat

Wisdom 101

Why I Observe the Seventh Day Sabbath



Assorted Nazorean Services & Prayers

The Celebrated EloHymnal - 106 True Name Scripture Psalms

Home Communion

The Didache / Communion only

Erev Shabbat Service of Todah Rabbah

Feast of Trumpets

Litany on the Decalogue

Welcoming the Sabbath



Atonement / Resurrection

Blessing Objects

Binding Loosing

David's Deliverance Prayer

For Deliverance from Evil

Guyon Method of Prayer

Seven Step Self-Anointing and Healing

Speakers' Prayers, Nehemiah's Prayer

Warfare Handbook



Introduction to Festivals

Home Communion


Passover - Messianic Haggadah



* Acts 29 / Sonnini Manuscript

"Animal Apocalypse"

* Barnabas, Letter of


Clement (pseudo-), the Second Epistle

* Codex Sinaiticus Anderson

Sinaiticus site

Convert Your Bible Reading

Daniel 11 & 12 - example of notes

Days of Awe

* The Didache - English Only

* The Didache - Greek / English

*1 Enoch: I Enoch, Sky-tripper 2012

Enoch - significance of proper names

Epistle of Peter to James / Misrepresentation

1 Esdras (3 Ezra)

2 Esdras (4 Ezra)

The Fourth Gospel Proem (Gnostic)

Full Collation of C Sinaiticus

The Gospel of the Hebrews

The Gospel of Judas

The Gospel of Thomas Coptic / English

Hazon Gavriel - Revelation of Gabriel

    Commentary on Hazon Gavriel

* Hebrew / English Transliterated Tanakh

* Hebrew/ English Bible - 2

* Hebrew/ English Bible - 3

Hebrew Matthew Schonfeld

Jeremiah, Letter of

Jewish Publication Society 1917 Scriptures

Josephus, Excerpts from Slavonic

Judas, Gospel of


Karaite v Rabbinate

Khabouris Codex

Khanoch the Sky Tripper excerpt

Laocideans Full

1 Maccabees

2 Maccabees

3 Maccabees

4 Maccabees

* The Recognitions -or- Nazarene Acts of the Apostles

         * The Recognitions - excerpt book IV

         * The Falsehoods of Scripture: Nazarene Acts Lost Chapters

         * Excerpt: Letter of Kefa to Ya'akov Concerning Misrepresentation

Sirach / Ecclesiasticus / ben Sira

Silvanus or The Torah of Zillah

Tobit / Tevit

Wisdom of Solomon



Chrestians before Christians? An Old Inscription Revisited (Zara)

Chrestianus Issue in Tacitus Reinvestigated (Zara)

Enoch - Proper Names - DeSola

History of New Testament Criticism (Lake)

Yahweh in Egyptian Texts (Aling)

Who is Yahweh?

Yahushua died when He was 46 years old



* The Community Rule 1QS

* The Damascus Document CD

The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved

Hazon Gabriel + Commentary

Hazon Gabriel Facsimile

4Q318: A Jewish Zodiac Calendar at Qumran? (7/2011)



The Jesus Family Tomb

The Burial of Jesus



Christians in Iraq


Epiphanius: Panarion (Heresiology) (7/12)

The Essenes: Historical Record

Guyon Method of Prayer

Imitation of Christ

A Jewish View of Jesus, Barry Leff

Karaite v. Rabbinate, Salmon b. Yeruham

The Nazorean Way and the Days of Awe

Titus Flavius Clemens (Clement)

Simeon Kefa, The Preaching



Caracticus / Caraticus / Carodoc

Converting Your Bible Reading

Death and Resurrection, study

Diet According to Scriptures

Druidism per Wiki

Expository Glossary of Messianic Teaching

God Created You: A Guide to Temperament Theory

God, Torah, and the Meaning of Life

Greek New Testament Primer

Herod's Genealogy

History of New Testament Criticism

Heatley's Gospel of Luke

Mental Tools of Hermeneutics

Musical Instrument Repair Manual

Search Engine Optimization

Tomb of Jesus - Maps and Inscriptions

Tube MP Manual



York 1910 and White 1920 silver cornets

I rebuild, restore & repair brass and silver musical instruments. The proceeds of sales go for our occupational rehabilitation ministry. Pictured are 1910 White and 1920 York silver cornets, which came to me each in very poor condition.  Each horn was chemically cleaned, de-tarnished, de-dented, re-soldered, padded and corked, with valves lapped and lubricated. They are ready as vintage instruments to go back into service, along with many more beauties.  Do you have instruments you no longer use - any make, model, condition or type?  We can put them to use in ministry.  Perhaps you are a player or need a used instrument.  Maybe I can help. Call (801) 850 6901 and leave me a message or use the contact form.  Jackson Snyder



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