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Jackson Snyder,  © 1999 - 2006

The Didache (Didach - pronounced dee-DAH-kay – which means teaching), or Teaching of the Twelve, is a very early Nazorean text rediscovered in the last 150 years dealing with rituals, authority, hospitality and organization of the congregation.  Some of the so-called “Church Fathers” considered the Didache to be part of the New Testament.   One of our oldest congregations, the Ethiopic Orthodox Church, has accepted it into the canon.  Christian churches accept it as part of the vast literature called “Church Fathers.”  We (the Nazorean Community) generally accept it as inspired teaching.  The Didache shows a great deal of affinity to the Epistle of Barnabas and many scriptural texts.  One of the evidences of its Nazorean / Hebraic origin is in the use of the term “vine” as a synonym for the line of Davidic kings in the course of the Communion.  Yahshua is equated with the vine and with David, and is called “the son of David” rather than the “ ‘ouioV tou qeou ” (that is, the son of g-d).  Some Hebraic Congregations rightly recognize that Yahshua instituted a unique “feast” – a type of Unleavened Bread Feast – that could be celebrated not annually, but daily  (see 1 Corinthians 11:25, **Acts 2:42-46)/  Here is a translation of the Communion liturgy:


Concerning the Eucharist (or Great Thanksgiving), give thanks in this manner:

We thank you, Father, for your set-apart name Yahweh, the name you have caused to live in our hearts, and for the knowledge, faith and immortality that you have made known to us through Yahshua your Son; may you be esteemed forever.  You, Almighty Sovereign, brought all things into being for the sake of your Name, and have granted both food and drink for humanity to enjoy, so that we might give you thanks.  Yet to us you have granted spiritual food and drink, and life age to age, through your Son.  Above all, we thank you that you are powerful to rescue us; may you therefore be esteemed forever.   Remember, O Sovereign, your Yahad, to redeem it from every evil one, to complete it in your love, and to gather it from the four winds – even every one who has been set apart for your Kingdom that you have so prepared; for yours is the Kingdom and great appreciation forever.  Let refinement come, and let this world pass away. Hosanna to the Son of David!  If any one is elect, let him come to The Thanksgiving; if any one is not, let him change his mind.  Maranatha. Amein.


First, concerning the cup.

We thank you, our Father, for the Set-apart Vine, David your Son, whom you have made known to us through Yahshua the Anointed One, your Son; may you be esteemed forever.


And concerning the broken bread.

We thank you, our Father, for the life and knowledge that you have made known to us through Yahshua your Son; may you be greatly honored forever.  As this broken bread was once scattered upon the mountains, and after it had been brought together became one, so may your Congregations be gathered together from the ends of the earth into your Kingdom; for yours is the adoration and the power, through Yahshua the Anointed One, forever.


Now we charge the prophets to give thanks, so far as they are willing to do so.   (Let the people pray.)


At this point in the service, we may bring our praise reports and petitions.  This would also be a fine time to anoint the sick.  The reader might notice that the cup is presented first, and in the Scriptures, there are two cups.  I have used this with either cup or bread first.  This short liturgy is perfect for visitation, home or personal communions.  It would be appropriate to prepare hearts before-hand, since the actual service is so short.  It is meant to be performed with people who are already prepared through prayer, silence and / or fasting the meal before.

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