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The following resources are recommended for anyone who is new to the Yahad. This is recommended reading for new members and required reading for anyone interested in becoming ordained in the Yahad.

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Audio Library and Frequently Asked Questions


1 Enoch and the Great Cosmic Covenant

The "Commandments" and the "Covenant" & the Second Commandment

The Conventional Essenes - And Ancient Guide to Belief and Behavior

Conventional Essenes, Foundations, Caveats, Pliny the Elder  Part 3

The Future of the Yahad

"They Chose New Gods" Part 1 Judges 5:8

"They Chose New Gods" Part 2 Judges 5:8

Didache - Full Text Spoken Word  

Didache Commentary First Part    

Didache Commentary Second Part

Didache Commentary Third Part

Frequently Asked Questions 1 - Who is Schruumkoff; What do you believe?  What is canon?  What translations can you trust?  Is the church's Jesus authentic?  Are the Scrolls related to Messiah?  What is the Mark of the Beast?

Frequently Asked Questions 2 - Do you do deliverance ministry?  If this is the Millennium, where is Jesus? What about the Great Tribulation - is it done?  Will a knowledge of history keep me on the right path?  Is Grandma and Grandpa Coming home?  Mansions as living organisms?  How do I create the Enochian / Zadokite Calendar?  Where do I get the free ebooks?  How do you feel about criticism?

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