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The Vero Essene Yahad Essene / Zadokite / Nazorean 101 Bootcamp Summary of Courses

January 22 - 29th, 2017 in Vero Beach, FL  Free lodging, food and ministry.  Just get here!

All classes are optional - come as you please.  But doors will be closed at the time scheduled.

51 Old Dixie Highway, Vero Beach, FL  32962 - Vero Beach Yahad Headquarters.

Nothing like this has happened before nor ever will again.

Professors: Dr. Jackson Snyder, Elder Brad Brink, Elder Allyson Gary, Mr. Andrew Carlson and Mrs. Christina Brink, Elder Henry Roth and Master Gabriel Brink on Dinosaurs.

All tracks and courses will be ZOOMcast 2 PM- 10:30 PM ET January 23 - 29.  Daily Devotional Services will be 9 AM - 10 AM ET with Bishop Daniel Regesh and Elder Yochanon 'Governor' Staten

Recordings will be available, but they will cost you $$.  Might as well come.    To ZOOM in, call (408) 638-0968 Meeting ID 240-482-4530 or zoom in here at the appropriate times - really, any times during these days.

Track 1 - Essenes and Apostles - Monday - Saturday, 2 - 3:30 PM

Hermeneutics and Critical Thinking (Sunday, Jan 22, 7:30 PM): Mental Tools of Interpretation of Scripture, Interpretation in General, Classic Mental Tools, the Quintalateral - a New and Daring Tool to Consider.  Hermeneutics is the study of interpretation.  We will teach you a new and useful method for judging / interpreting anything from Scripture to priority lists.  Dr. Jackson Snyder

The Ancient Essenes I: There are four main sources from ancient literature that speak in detail of the Essenes.  There are also several more from the perspective of the ancient church.  We will look at some of the characteristics of the ancient sect and do a study comparing and contrasting the Essene teaching with that of the earliest Nazorean (Jewish Christian) movement.  Dr. Jackson Snyder  Download here.

The Ancient Essenes / Nazoreans II: We will continue to follow the movement of the Essenes from 1350 BC to 400 AD in this session and learn about Essene prophecy that speaks to the return of the Teacher of Righteousness in our time.  We will identify that teacher and his interpreters. Dr. Jackson Snyder

James, Peter and Paul: Let us take a fresh look at these heroes of the faith using not only their own words (purportedly), but also reliable ancient materials from outside the canon.  There is much material on these fellows that paint a very different picture of their relationships that is taught in most circles. Dr. Jackson Snyder  Download the review of James the Brother of Jesus by R. Eisenman here.

Women in Ministry: "I do not allow a woman to teach."  This caveat has been used from time immemorial to prohibit women from practicing their anointings.  We will learn that Paul did indeed permit women to teach, preach and heal.  We will look at the ministry of Mary Magdalene as a Master Teacher from ancient sources, but Egyptian and Syrian.  And we will outline what it was like to be a woman in the Roman Empire and what we expect of anointed women today. Dr. Jackson Snyder

Polity: What is the government of the Yahad all about?  Why is it 100% different than Hebrew Roots groups and churches?  Is the Yahad fundamentalist or liberal?  What are the beliefs and practices of Yahadis?  What is Neo-Essenism and why is it so necessary for now and the future?  Why will the Yahad grow and perpetuate?  And why should we associate ourselves with the Vero Essene Yahad? Dr. Jackson Snyder

Track 2 - Nazorean Literature and the Egyptian Connection - 4 - 6:30 PM ET

The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles I: Formerly known as the Pseudo-Clementine Recognitions, this Nazarene Acts contains many of the original teachings and practices of the Apostles, according to top scholars and the Yahad.  However, this Acts is unlike the canonical Acts as  it is from a Hebraic perspective rather than the Hellenistic (Greek) perspective of the canonical Acts.  Includes James, Paul, the Stoning of Stephen, the Standing Man and the Doctrines of the Nazarenes:  A whole plethora of early Essene / Nazarene people and lost-now-found teachings.  From Brad Brink

The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles II: Clement of Rome follows Peter the Apostle from Jerusalem to Tripolis recording the acts and sayings of Peter.  Clement is given this assignment by James the brother of Yahshua, to report to James on an annual basis.  What he reports is most extraordinary - to the point that Snyder has translated this book and made it free of charge in hopes that everyone would read it.  You are encouraged to download and read the Nazarene Acts from this link. Brad Brink

The Mysteries and Prophecies of the Epistle of Barnabas:  Barnabas wrote shortly after the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD.  His intention was to gather the dispersed 'children' or the Master and lay down for the the knowledge and encouragement needed to go forth after such devastation.  Where did the fish sign come from?  ichthus.png What does it mean?  Where was Barnabas in end-times history?  He tells us exactly where we are!  What is the meaning of the 318 of Abraham and the 157 fishes of Yahshua?  Barnabas knows and Allyson Gary is going to tell you.  Download Barnabas from here.

Didache (DEE-dah-KAY) or The Teaching of the Twelve: This ancient rule of faith was discovered at the end of the 19th century and is dated to 40 - 50 AD.  We understand that it was written by the brother of Yahshua, Simon the Zealot.  It contains ancient instructions for new disciples and overseers.  There are instructions about proper baptism, communion and end-times scenarios.  How long do we keep an evangelist in our homes?  What kind of water do we use for baptisms?  What is the formula Yahshua used for communion?  What if a prophet calls for an offering.  Plenty of questions are answered from a very early, apostolic perspective.  You are encouraged to download and read this book translated by Dr. Jackson Snyder.  Brad Brink teaching.

Tutmose III and the Temple Treasure:  The pictures and glyphs in the Karnak Temple are interpreted by Brad Brink - a multimedia presents.  The first drawing of Karnak is found in Paul Lucas' travel account of 1704, (Voyage du Sieur paul Lucas au Levant). It can be quite confusing to modern eyes. Lucas travelled in Egypt during 16991703. The drawing shows a mixture of the Precinct of Amun-Re and the Precinct of Montu, based on a complex confined by the three huge Ptolemaic gateways of Ptolemy III Euergetes / Ptolemy IV Philopator, and the massive 113 m long, 43 m high and 15 m thick, first Pylon of the Precinct of Amun-Re.  Brad Brink


Track 3 - The Dead Sea Scrolls Misplaced in History, 7 PM

James, Paul, Jesus, Herod, Nero and the Roman Army in the DSS - The Habakkuk Pesher (Commentary) uses the prophecies of Habakkuk to describe the times of the writer.  But when are these times?  150 BC as some drooling scholars insist?  No!  Try 69 AD!  Yes, some of the Dead Sea Scrolls are New Testament documents, and this text is certainly one of them.  Andrew Carlson  Download the Pesher here.

Dead Sea Scrolls - The Community (Yahad) Rule - The Exhortation from the Yahad Rule is one of the most impressive sermons in the Scrolls.  It also contains the rules of the community of faith (or Yahad) that allowed these people to live in close proximity holding all things in common without the usual friction and flaring tempers of those who live in communes.  Andrew Carlson  Download it here.

Dead Sea Scrolls - The Cairo Damascus Document - This text was found in fragments in the 9th century and was instrumental in thre formation of the Karaite movement.  For us today, it traces the origination of the Essenes, from Jerusalem as priests to the wilderness camps of the desert of Syria.  How were priests, men used to luxury, able to survive in wilderness camps? There is a surprising provision in the Temple Scroll that tells us how.  Andrew Carlson  Download it here.

A Modern Rule Based on the Ancient - How the Torah was reworked in the first century BC to reflect changes made by priests and Pharisees to alleviate the burdens of their sinful actions.  One such is the removal of the prohibition against bigamy.  Herein, we will learn of PROOF that the actual Deuteronomy and part of Leviticus that we have inherited are re-edited in favor of the groups that took over the temple once the righteous and prophesied priesthood was disposed of.  Andrew Carlson

The Autobiography of the Teacher of Righteousness - The so-called Thankgiving Psalms contain much autobiographical material of the teacher of righteousness, who purportedly wrote most of them.  This teaching uses thes Psalms to paint a portrait of the melancholic mastermind behind the Essene movement of the first century. Andrew Carlson

The Evolution of the Torah - The Masoretic, Scrolls, Septuagint, Samaritan Torot - where did they evolve from and where have they evolved to?  This is a dynamic study of canonicity, pollution, preservation and intentional modification of the Torah over vast centuries.  Andrew Carlson

Track 4 - Pastoral Care - Mon thru Tues, 9 PM

The Philosophy and Theology of Pastoral Care - What does it take to be a pastor / shepherd?  The underlying biblical and historical aspects of "care of souls" are examined, as well as actual case studies and methods are reviewed.  Quotations from notable pastors, male and female, are to be used to strengthen the case for personal care.  Dr. Jackson Snyder

What Do I Do When? - Both normal and special cases of the need of pastoral care are discussed with solutions to common and not-so-common situations.  Pastoral care extending to institutions and hospitals is also discussed with plenty of examples.  The use of Spiritual Gifts in Pastoral Care is often required, and a gifts assessment will be offered to students. Dr. Jackson Snyder

Spiritual Recovery - Case Histories of Healing - Roth has been instrumental in the spiritual renewal of numerous folks who have been through hard patches in life.  Such case histories include his own in which he struggled with criminal behavior for years until Torah, discipleship and a companion helped him escape the cycle of sin and crime.  Elder Henry Roth


Track 5 - Eschatology: The Study of Last Things - Wednesday thru Friday, 9 PM

The Prophecies of Daniel: Fulfilled! - Daniel is not a prophecy in the first place, it is an apocalypse.  The main difference between the two is that a prophecy is for the future while and apocalypse is for the present.  In symbolic and often literal language, 'Daniel' is describing exactly what was happening on the world stage in his lifetime, making Daniel easy to date and explain. Dr. Jackson Snyder

The Olivette Prophecies: The Mystery is History - The prophecies of Yahshua from the Synoptic Gospels will be thoroughly explained and their fulfillment (for the most part) thus can be ascertained in the history of the first century.  Likewise, a Dead Sea Scroll prophecy is in parallel with these Synoptics, and it will be pointed out as a further witness to the historical fulfillment of these discourses. Dr. Jackson Snyder

The Revelation of Yahshua Messiah - Revelation is also an apocalypse, and the fulfillments of both the Olivette Prophecies and the ominous "Day of the LORD" concept found in the minor prophets of the Hebrew Bible.  This can be proven in very short order, and we will mainly look at Revelation 1 & 17 - both of these chapters tell us exactly when what is further described in the book happened. Dr. Jackson Snyder

Track 6 - Miscellaneous - TBA

Dinosaurs - Master Gabriel Brink is a dinosaur expert and artist.  It is his intention to bring the world of dinosaurs to like and explain their existence.  Gabriel is 14 years old.


Ancient Oils of the Scripture - "On either side of the river was the tree of life, bearing twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit every month; and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations." Revelation 22:2  Please join me as we learn about the deeper meanings of this verse, the scriptural references to essential oils, and how they can become an integral part of our lives.  Christina Brink


Herbs that will Sharpen your Mind - There are herbs that few know of that will help depression, sleepiness, insomnia, and pain.  They will help you achieve lucid and vivid dreams. No, these are not your conventional herbs.  They are secret herbs.  Teas, smokes and dumps.  Dr. Jackson Snyder


Classic Gnosticism and the Gospel of Judas - Gnosticism is alive and well today, just as it was in the first few centuries AD under a variety of forms.  We will use the Gospel of Judas to fully describe Gnosticism in the early centuries and how little it has changed as it is practiced (primarily) in churches today.  Dr. Jackson Snyder

The "Third" Temple -  The elusive temple described in Ezekiel is NOT the temple of the future, but the temple of the past re-envisioned for the future.  Who is Joseph? What do Joseph and Jacob have to do with this temple?  And where do we learn it is to be in Jerusalem when Revelation tells us there was no temple in the city?  All questions answered.  Dr. Jackson Snyder  

Acts of the Apostles: The canonical Acts, though Hellenized, is certainly and Essene document from beginning to end.  Communalism, spiritual gifts, Essene preaching, Yahad councils and decisions by the Teacher of Righteousness, James the brother of Yahshua. Dr. Jackson Snyder

The Essene / Zadokite / Dead Sea Scrolls / Old Priestly / Solar / Yahshuan Calendar - This concerns the calendar the Yahshua used.  There were at least four calendars used in 1st Century Israel.  Yahshua certainly was not on the calendars of the Sadducees or the Pharisees.  If Yahshua was the scion and heir of David and the priest Zadok, would he not be on the calendar of the older priestly movement?  That calendar is a solar calendar.  We find how to CREATE this calendar in the Dead Sea Scrolls, in Jubilees and in the book of Ethiopic Enoch.  Do you want a righteous calendar?  We are offering them to raise funds for this event at  The Professor has yet to be assigned.  


Who said, "I don't allow a woman to speak or teach?"  That is ridiculous.

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