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Donations made to Vero Essene Yahad helps us continue the work of reaching the Set-Apart, boot camps, mission trips, fund raising in support of Yahad members making the move to Vero Beach and more.

Below you will find multiple donation options in support of the Yahad and our volunteer staff. While you may donate any amount you like, when you make a donation of $20 or more we will send you a bag of the coffee, of your choosing...

You may also select a subscription for coffee and receive it on a monthly basis when you commit $17 per month to the work being done through Vero Essene Yahad.

Once you have selected a donation amount or monthly commitment, you will be directed to PayPal. From there you'll be automatically redirected to the processing form where you will enter your shipping information and which type of coffee you'd like to receive.

Snail Mail  VEY  9611 N. US Hwy 1 #157 Sebastian, FL 32958

Donate Any Amount to the Yahad


$20 One Time Donation

$17 Monthly Commitment

Vero Essene Yahad Is An International Think Tank Providing A Safe Environment For
Those Perplexed By Pan-Biblical Text And The Practices Of The Religious

The Yahad Is An Independent Voice; Not Affiliated With Church Or Synagogue

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