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Your Servants       Greetings this Eight Day



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Your Servants

The following titles are NOT of Authority. The only authority here is the Teacher of Righteousness. These are Essene titles of Responsibility. Because these people take their responsibilities as sacred to fulfill them, there is no need for an authoritarian or pope. NOR are these titles of pomp or grandeur, but of slavery to our common Master and Teacher, and Servant to those who will express their need.


Mvqr. = Mevaqqre: roughly an Overseer or Bishop - ordained

Shol. = Sholiach: roughly, an Apostle, Evangelist or Missionary - ordained

Zach. = Zachen: an Elder and Decision-maker - ordained

Azar = Azar: an Administrator ordained or not

Shot. = Shoter: a Pastor or Servant ordained or not


Maskil Dr. Jackson H. Snyder II, The Vero Yahad (FL)

Networking, Correspondence & Fund-raising

Mvqr. Daniel ben Regesh, The Yahad of East Tennessee (TN)

Pastoral Care, Policy, Ordination & Leadership

Mvqr.  (Pro Temp) Marcelle C. Logue, Knoxville (TN)

             Women's and Children's Ministries

Zach. Valerie Mangeot, Douglas Essene Ministries (GA)

Secretary & Treasurer

Shol. Harold Lee Hayhurst, The Vero Yahad (FL)

Apostle, Librarian, Security

Zach. Kohen Allyson Moore Gary, Festival Administrator (VA)

Liturgy & Worship, Camping Ministries & Festival Coordination

Zach. Kohen Yochanan Governor Staten, The Yahad of East Tennessee (TN)

Liturgy & Worship, Research & Aid to Rev. ben Regesh

Shot. Kohen Gregory Campbell (KS)

            Liturgy, Cantor, Candidate for Zachen

Zach. Michael Clark, The Yahad of Northeast Georgia (GA)

Founder of YONG, Ecumenical Ministries

Zach. Brenda Westbeld, The Yahad of Central Ohio

Candidacy Coordinator

Zach. Ariyah Ness, Admin., Essene Academy (Australia)

Dean of Essene Academy of Religion, Theology & History

Zach. Mor. Gregory Smith, Essene Academy (SC)

Professor of Hebrew, Essene Academy & Electronics Consultant

Zach. Mor. Lizbeth M. McGee (CT)

Theological Exploration, Sacred Feminine

Zach. Jackie Ray Boshers, Yahad at Large (TN)

Didactics, Theology & Evangelism

Zach. Allison Harrison (BC)

             Pastoral / Prayer Ministries


At Large

Mvqr. Henry Roth, Finland

Coordinator, Europe

Zach. Brian & Leona Toews (Canada)

Manitoba, Canada

Shot. Jean Phinney Honore

Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Greetings this 8th day, a day of New Beginnings.


We are embarking on a new phase in the ministry which will include a number of new sites, features and additions to the Yahad web ministries.  We need your help.

For Leaders:  Please complete your ministry reports by the end of the month.  The report for is found AT THIS LINK.  Please bookmark it for future reference.  No need to write a tome, just follow the guidelines on the form.  Note that reports will be very important for keeping an audit trail of our work, for prospective members, bi-weekly newsletters and the rest.

For Members:  You may also use THIS LINK to let us know what you are doing in ministry if you please.  Your administrations would like to know!  Expect to receive a frequents letter from the Corresponding Secretary letting you know what is going on and what is available.

For Prospective Members: For those who have considered membership in the Yahad, you may check out our documentation AT THIS LINK.  Join if you will AT THIS LINK.  

For Affiliates (businesses, ministries etc.  who want to be listed on our new sites): Please let us know you are interested by completing the form AT THIS LINK.  We will list you and get you some additional traffic.

Leadership and Membership Dues:  We are financing the Yahad through dues - like the "Temple Tax" of old.  We are not asking for tithes - that's up to you as to how much you tithe and where you put them.  But the Ancient Organization itself was financed by dues.  We have determined dues at an equivalent level to the Temple Tax.  For Leaders, $20 per month.  For Members, $17.00 per month.  We can get a lot for a little, and we cannot function without finances.

For those paying dues, there are several ways.  You can set up paypal for a periodic payment.

Monthly Dues can be paid using either a Debit or Credit Card or a PayPal account. For convenience it can also be set up as a recurring payment, but to do so you will need a PayPal account. Here's how. 

  1. Go to our "Donations" page.  

  2. Click on the donate button for "Dues & General Expenses". This will go to THIS LINK  

  3. Type the amount for your monthly dues ($20.00 or $17.00) in the section marked USD (U.S. Dollars). 

  4. Click on the box "Make this a monthly donation". 

  5. Click "Donate with PayPal". If you have an account, log in and authorize. If you do not have an account, click "Sign up" for your free account then fill in your payment details in the form. You will also have the option to leave a note or payment reference if needed.

You can verify, change or cancel a recurring donation anytime in your PayPal account settings. In your account, go to "settings", "payments" and then click "Manage automatic payments". You can also add and remove payment sources (cards/bank accounts) safely and securely. 


You may also send a monthly check in to Vero Essene Yahad, 3495 1st. St.  Vero Beach, FL 32968


We are working hard to be professional in our ministry.  This is pleasing to our Father and to others.  Sometimes we have to pray; other times we fight - like those rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.  We need a bigger army!  Please do join if you haven't.  YOU KNOW US and we know you.  Let's join forces and work together to bring in the Millennium Dawn.


 Here's the Vero Essene Yahad, my friend.  Unity in Diversity . . .
Never a Feckless Platitude



The Vero Essene Yahad is an Equal Opportunity Ministry
Unity in Diversity; not Diversity in Conflict.
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