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Hebrew Roots The Essene Way

Our Mission: Reveal  the Elect - Restore Creation - Care for the Oppressed - Do our Best to Be Unspotted

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Let's put up a little sukelah together this year. 
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Live Events: Shabbat 11 AM ET, 1 PM & 3:33 PM

Tues & Friday, 9 PM.   Thurs 7 PM.  Others as announced.

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Here's the Vero Essene Yahad, my friend.  Unity in Diversity . . .

The Yahad is an International Think Tank Providing A Safe Environment
For Those Perplexed By Pan-Biblical Text And The Practices Of The Religious
The Yahad Is An Independent Voice; Not Affiliated With Church Or Synagogue

Feckless Platitudes Forbidden

The Vero Essene Yahad is an Equal Opportunity Ministry
Unity in Diversity; not Diversity in Conflict.