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MAY, 2019




The days are sunny for the Vero Essene Yahad; YHWH has been wonderful in leading us, and you have been more that good friends.  Our Father provides  us myriads of opportunities.  It is just for us to say Yes and then I WILL GO. Here are a few coming up that you will be interested in.


Feast of Pentecost Wildwood Camp "Back to the Basics"
(Here's a link for more information and registration)

VEY is sponsoring a small group, 5-day camping experience in the Smokey Mountains for Pentecost week, June 6 - 10, 2019.  Pentecost, the most important of the Yomin Tov for us, is June 9 on the Essene / Enochian Calendar of the first temple.  You are invited, and we make it affordable for you to come.  Cost is $60 for 4 nights at Harrison Bay State Park at Harrison, TN between Chattanooga and Cleveland. We will take offerings for family-style campfire meals and the field trips to Ruby Falls, Raccoon Mountain Canyons or Civil War Battlefields nearby. This will be a lot of fun; it's inexpensive and perfect for those in the tri-state area.  If you need tents, etc. don't worry - we have them for you.


Feast of Tabernacles Camp "On the Edge of a New World"

(Here's the link for more information. 
This site is under construction, but the information is correct.)

We're deep into the planning of Tabernacles already, October 8 through 17 on the Essene / Enochian Calendar at the Cloudland Canyon State Park in the northwest corner of Georgia, Blue Ridge Mountains.  We of the Yahad ALWAYS have a great and very devotional time at Tabernacles, with many wonderful testimonials of things our Father has done through this feast.  Cost, all inclusive, is single: $227; family, $310 and camping only, $155.  Yes, we are on the edge of a new world.  We need to be more prepared for what is to come, and that is our intention this upcoming event.


Yetcast / Website - Yahad of East Tennessee

(links to website and YETcast)

The Yahad of East Tennessee (in Cleveland) has launched new web and podcasting sites for your information and edification.  The YETCAST features Bishop Regesh's and Elder Staten's commentaries on the news and the scriptures, including numerous excellent interviews.  This group is also hosting our Tabernacles Feast in October.


Literature and Training Now Available

(for more information on any of these, request at this link.)

Professor Smith is continuing his FREE Hebrew Classes, with new classes forming soon.  Smith is a fine instructor.  He takes it slow if necessary, and concentrates on the individual. 

Some have asked how they can purchase the life-changing Nazarene Acts of the Apostles - The Acts of Peter and Clement - Clementine Recognitions and Homilies.  It is now available in print, ebook and audio book formats at this link.  The ebook is free of charge - just request it.  But the purchase of the printed book(s) will help us continue to do good work.  Audio book samples of the Nazarene Acts my be heard from www.jspresents.org.

The Institute of Scripture Research The Scriptures is available in AUDIO CDs for your car.  A new offering, The Other Scriptures - from Addai to Zillah - boasts nearly 200 files (7+ Gig, 50 minutes each) of audio readings of and teachings on the books the Bible left out.  This is a truly amazing collection that if available nowhere else.  Several other new translations of ancient Messianic texts are available at the link


Join Us for Internet Services and Events In Your Home

ZOOM into all events: to join in, use the device you have:

   Download and install the free ZOOM.us meeting software

   Then surf to www.theYahad.com at the meeting time, or use your phone: 

        (408) 638-0968  Meeting ID 240-482-4530


SCHEDULE (all times Eastern)

     J S Presents Spiritual Practices: Every Sunday, 9:30 PM ET.      

     Shabbat Service.  11 AM - noon (a variety of Yahad speakers)

     1 PM Shabbat Controversial Topics Forum

     4th Day (Wednesday). Ounieh Carlson's Commentaries


Sympathetic Teachers Wanted and Needed

I (Jackson) need some good event teachers for broadcast and personal appearances. For the personal appearances, there is remuneration and a little travel. For the broadcasts (stay home), you will receive some well-deserved attention so as to get your message out. Please contact me at www.yahad.me or reply. No messages (please).  "Let not many of you be teachers; harsher judgment will be yours!" - Uncle James


If you have read this far, reply and receive a rare reconstruction of the manuscript The Apocalypses of James (the Just), Brother of Jesus.


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May 10, 2019