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January 28 - February 2, 2018   Douglas, GA

5 nights, $100


Inexpensive!  Progressive Teaching!  Liturgical Worship!  Field trips!  Like-minded Friends!

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Distance  to Tallahassee  126 mi., Savannah 133 mi.  Jacksonville, 120 mi.  Atlanta, 211 mi.  Two Egg, 10 mi.


In the last two years, the Yahad has sponsored five events in various states in order to allow people of like interests to get together, study together, worship together and play together.  These events, which we call "Boot Camps," have been very popular with those who enjoy camping, the out-of-doors and the fellowship of like-minded others. 


This year we are repeating our excellent camp of last year in Coffee County, Georgia.  But we won't be camping. No, we will be lodging.  General Coffee state park has a beautiful and very functional lodge with a spacious meeting room, a women's dorm on one side, and a men's dorm on the other.  The facility is more than adequate and perfect for our needs.


We are also considering a field trip to Savannah, GA.  There are many historical buildings there that have served the "Essene" Movement in the 18th century and on.


General Coffee State Park Hiking Boardwalk



We will ask that you chip in on food if you can.  We will offer both vegan and meat meals.  You will also enjoy field trips, unconventional teaching, historical-analytical scripture studies and times of worship, both liturgical and free-form.  And your attendance will not break your bank account.  Where else would you like to be than in South Georgia in the middle of winter?  Below find photos, information and a registration link.  This Boot Camp will be strictly limited to 30 adults, so register as early as you can.     Register now!   Reserve your place!


General Coffee State Park - We will stay in this building


Benefits of Essene Boot Camps:

Study of rare scriptures such as Enoch, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Gad the Seer and the Nazarene Acts.  Introduction to Hebrew and Greek, if you choose.  University-educated instructors work with the self-taught scripture and theology experts.  "Unity in diversity, not diversity in conflict."  That is our motto.  Liberality.  Tolerance.  We will listen to each other.  We will speak to each other the Essene way - with civility.  Opportunities abound for YOU to present your side of any topic or teach a topic.  Beautiful scenery, Spring-like weather, an hour to Jacksonville (for sushi), many special places to visit.  Wonderful fellowship with seasoned, like-minded, faith-based Essenes on the quest for the historical Messiah. 


YOU CHOOSE the teaching curriculum.  We are very flexible!


SCHEDULED as of December 1, 2017:

Day 1: Lost Religion Found Day - Forum (1/28)

Day 2: James' Day - with Prof. Robert Eisenman (1/29)

Day 3: Paul Day - Forum with Jackson & Liz McGee (1/30) - Ministry Night

Day 4: Savannah Day - Historical Field Trip (1/31)

Day 5: Apostles' Day - Men & Woman of Faith (2/1)

Day 6: Prophecy Day - The Good News (2/2)

Each evening special worship and fun times.


Boot Camp Baptism Video at the Beach here




Who said, "I don't allow a woman to speak or teach?"  That is ridiculous.


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