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Our Theme: "Up From Slavery,"

borrowed from the book of the same name by Booker T. Washington

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Elder Frank Houtz

Houtz is a teacher of teachers and the primary mind behind Dry Bones Restoration Company.

Frank Houtz lives with his wife, Mary Lynn, and their 5 living children, Tikvah, Eleazar, Jeremiah, Eleeyah, and Frank Houtz of Dry Bones RestorationJezreel, on a farm close to Winchester, Kentucky. He is the author of several books, including A Sign Between You and Me and Machanayim: the Two Camps of Israel. He also is developer of the text book for the Biblical Research Techniques course. His books can be found in the Marketplace. He is working on two other books at this time, as well as giving seminars on Biblical Research Techniques . Some of the articles that Frank has written are on this site.  Frank and his family worship at Beit Minorah, a congregation outside of Winchester. Frank is one of the leaders of the congregation and rotates in leading the services with other men of the congregation. His wife, Mary, is one of the worship leaders at Beit Minorah. She also rotates in leading worship with other men and women of the congregation.


Houtz's Stages of Learning - Progressions from Subconsciousness to Complexity & Perplexity: A discussion of the various levels of learning starting at birth with subconscious learning progressing through the most complex levels such as found at the college level.  This enables the student to better critique Internet babble, technical terminology and buzz-words so as to determine what degree of truth may be ascertained from text or speaker. 


Word Buckets - Morphic Containers of Ideas
Biblical Research Techniques and/or Theological Swimming 101
From Yeshua to Jesus
and/or What is Profaning the Sacred Name

Elder Jackson Snyder

Snyder is the founder of Vero Essene Yahad and a long-time preacher and teacher of the fantastical.

Jackson Snyder - Founder of Vero Essene YahadJackson Snyder lives in Vero Beach, Florida.  His mission is to look deeply into neglected ancient manuscripts for clues to the original faith of the Messiah and his people.  He is the author of The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles.  Snyder was called for the "last days" in the 1960s under the ministry of A. A. Allen, and ordained in the United Methodist Church, where he served a pastor of congregations in 5 states.  He continues to work with the Yahad as a speaker, teacher and advisor.


Morphic Resonance: Pouring New Wine into New Bottles: We believers have inherited a vocabulary of ancient words that often no longer fit into the reality of a quantum world.  Suppose our brains were not interpreters of thought and ideas, but were only receivers?  Suppose the ancient words - some of which originated as long as 3,000 years ago - were no longer adequate to define body, soul, spirit, joints & marrow.  Let us take a long look at the modern hypothesis of Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields.  Perhaps we can find the proper bottles to store the new wine of our spiritual beings and thus make such ideas as we have mentioned plainer and more easily understood so as to find consensus and unity in ethereal matters and beliefs.


The Slavery of Words: Ethnicity, Race & Mission
Between the Testaments: Gems Hidden in the Apocrypha
Extra-possible Escapes from Demonic Systems in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Elder Lizbeth McGee

McGee is a well-known artist and video celebrity who excels in teaching experiential mysticism.

Elder Lizbeth McGeeBeautiful words: When I scan the wonder of creation, I see a watercolor filled with endless glazed nuances. My eyes ponder and pause at nature’s great artistry. I see vignettes and the sheer perfection and beauty of them. The interactions of color, shadows and they delicate flowers in a garden, dazzling lights dancing on the water or the breath-taking vista seen from afar...hold me in their grasp. And then I begin to paint the watercolor in my mind. Determining what paint mixture would make that sparkling color, what brush technique would make that inner view-finder crops the picture and focal point begins to speak.


Series: Freedom from Fundamentalism:  When biblical texts are forced into a "hyper literalism" that precludes and excludes deeper parabolic and allegorical understandings and applications, we may tip toward "racist and sexist."  We become tools of the enemy to present Elohim as endorsing and portraying some of the worst mindsets and behaviors fallen made can produce.  Freedom and Liberation ....."Up from Slavery" only begins when we let Yahweh out of this box!  In particular Liz McGee will focus on the role, relationship and biblical understanding of the "masculine and feminine" aspect of the Torah.

Elder Daniel ben Regesh

Regesh is the overseer of the Vero Yahad.  For him, blindness is not a deterrence, but a springboard.

Daniel ben Regesh currently makes his home in Cleveland, TN; a mecca for Christian Pentecostals as Bishop Daniel ben Regeshwell as Hebrew Roots Groups.  He has worked as preacher and musician for numbers assemblies we might call "Hebraic," but now, as an Essene, he has been putting away childish ways to discover  the real roots of the Nazarene movement of the first century.  Regesh is host for VEY's popular on-line Shabbat service, which anyone may attend through phone or PC.  He is also a very able-bodied preacher in the old-style, and can speak to slavery and bigotry, having been himself the target of the Klan and other racists.  Regesh is also the main mover, shaker and organizer of this year's Tabernacles Event in Chattanooga nearby where the battles of the Civil War were fought - as well as the battles for Reconstruction.  


Series:  Daniel will be officiating over the morning worship and devotions, along with liturgists Allyson Gary and Yochanan Staten.  Here are his topics.  The slavery of disunity. The freedom of divine order, and structure in the body of Messiah.  No man can serve two masters.  The slavery of apathy.  The slavery of low self-esteem.  Shaking off the victimhood of the one man show.  The freedom of a true brotherhood.  The slavery of selfishness.

Sukkot Speakers, Officials, Planners, Ministers & Caterers

Eisenman Cook Logue Gary LaDuke Commander
Drissel Boshers Shatter Heston Carlson LaPeen
Staten Houtz Snyder McGee Clark Regesh & Staten
Prof. Smith Mangeot Burnett Gamble Roth Clark
Professor Smith
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