Vero Essene Yahad, Who Are We?


Vero Essene Yahad Is An International Think Tank Providing A Safe Environment For
Those Perplexed By Pan-Biblical Texts And The Practices Of The Religious

Unity in Diversity; not Diversity in Conflict.
The Yahad Is An Independent Voice;
Not Affiliated With Church Or Synagogue

At present we are 500 strong with affiliates.
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   YouTube Channels

      Elder Michael Clark, Georgia

          Elder Lizbeth McGee, Connecticut

          Bishop David Bradford Brink, Alabama

          Bishop Jackson Snyder, Florida



  Bishops: Daniel ben Regesh, David Bradford Brink, Dr. Jackson H. Snyder II, Henry Roth

   Founding Elders: Sandra Whatley, Valerie Mangeot, Mary Edwards, Chris Plourde

   Elders: Christian Smith, Allyson Gary, Governor Staten, Brenda Westbeld, Liz McGee

   Ordained Apostle / Missionary / Shofari: Harold Commander Lee Hayhurst

   Ordained Diaconal Ministers: Leona & Brian Toews, Canada 

   Appointed Deacons: Joshua & Stephanie Heidlebaugh, Ray Boshers, Blake-Allen Hammacher

   Inspectors: Julie Welch  Professor: Gregory Smith


Name Email Phone State Specialty
Allyson Moore Gary (540) 894-6848 VA Security & Teaching
Blake-Allen Hammacher (570) 258 2046 PA Rabbinical Ministry
Brad & Christina Brink (865) 282-1341 AL Teaching Ministry
Brenda & Fred Westbeld (614) 395-6357 OH Music & Teaching
Brian & Leona Toews (204) 324-8220 MB Family Ministries
Brian Lodge (319) 464-6015 IA Listening Minister
Chris Plourde (772) 480-7039 FL Encouraging
Christian Smith (765) 469-1227 IN Encouraging
Craig Rogers (515) 729-3491 IA Family Ministries
Daniel Ben Regesh (423) 475-5352 TN Pastoral Ministry
Gregory Smith (864) 407-0992 SC Hebrew studies
Henry Roth 35 (841) 720-3832 Finland Mysticism
Jackie Ray Boshers (931) 255-9668 TN Prayer & Advice
Jackson Snyder (772) 676-2167 FL Pastoral ministry
Jean Phinney Honore   Haiti Apostolic Ministry
Joe Onate (478) 290-4350 GA Prison Ministry
Julie Welch (620) 704-3939 KS Family & Prayer
Lee Hayhurst (772) 538-9213 FL Pastoral Ministry
Liz McGee (860) 287-3535 CT Mysticism
Lizette Eileen Vega-Fischer (210) 609-2385 TX Encouragement
Marcelle Logue (850) 694-3111 TN Youth & Education
Maryah Edwards (832) 741-2120 FL Pastoral Ministry
Sandra Whatley (425) 647-6540 TX Prophetic Ministry
Valerie Mangeot (912) 501-9375 GA Children Ministry
Yochanon Governor Staten (423) 414-1258 TN Information Research


Leaders' contact information here.



Daniel Ben Regesh, BA - Ordained Elder, Consecrated Bishop

Cleveland, TN - Preacher, Pastoral Care

Daniel became a part of the messianic movement in2001 while a student at The Florida State University. Due to his membership in the Jewish Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, As the fraternity's first African American president, Daniel developed strong interest in the Hebraic roots of the faith. Daniel came out of The Church, Of God And Christ, where he grew up with his family in Miami for 32 years. After coming to messianic faith he had the opportunity to serve in several different congregations. During his almost twenty year journey he was able to experience the many different failures plaguing the messianic community; ie, the body as slaves for the leadership instead of the leaders being servants.


D. Bradford Brink - Ordained Elder & Consecrated Bishop

Birmingham - Teacher & Broadcaster


Brad is a Native of Tennessee currently living in diaspora in Alabama. He has an interest in the early Nazarene Ebionite works such as the Nazarene Acts and Homilies, Didache and extra biblical epistles of the 12 chosen Apostles. You can listen to Bradís teachings on his YouTube channel, where he is known as David HíNotsari, at this link.

"Commander" Lee Hayhurst - Ordained Elder and Consecrated Apostle

Vero Beach - Feastmaster, 2015 Shovel Award Winner

Jackson Snyder, AGS, BGS, M Div, CPE, DHL

Ordained Elder and Consecrated Bishop

Vero Beach - Founder, Broadcaster, Friend-raiser

Snyder has been interested in biblical studies since a boy.  He began professional ministry at the age of 25 (1978) in the United Methodist Church, became a lay speaker, camp minister and open-air preacher, was appointed his first pastorate in 1985, ordained in 1996 and retired to do Yahad in 2005.  He received his AGS and BGS from Indiana University in 1986 & 1987, his M Div from Emory University's Candler School of Theology, his CPE in 1996 from Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, and his DHL from the Wesley Synod in Toleda.He is the author of twelve books and hundreds of essays and podcasts.

Valerie Mangeot, BA - Ordained Founding Elder

Douglas, GA - Preacher, Secretary Boot Camp & Feasts Admin

Allyson Moore Gary - Ordained Elder & Liturgist

Richmond - Winner of the 2016 MVP Shovel Award


I was raised as an Associated Bible Student until turning to Hebrew Roots ways, now I'm convicted to be a part of Vero Essene Yahad. I've completed the Yahad E.A.R.T.H. training course, and am compelled to learn more! I am currently studying Koine Greek to further my understanding of scripture, and Hebrew is next. I am a hands-on, practical help to anyone who requires it, skilled in primitive survival skills and crafts. animal husbandry, building, small-scale farming, music, art, mechanical repairs, fishing, hunting, first aid, cooking, preserving food, and whatever else needs doing, because I love to learn and to do, thanks to the favor the Father has given me.

Sandra Whatley - Ordained Founding Elder

Texas City - Superintendant

Governor "Yochanon" Staten, BA - Ordained Elder

Cleveland, TN - Liturgist

Yochanan came into the Messianic walk in 2008. This occurred due to his years of speaking with Daniel Ben Regesh, and much prayer. In 2016, he took part in a Vero Essene Yahad boot camp. On January 26, during this boot camp, he was baptized. He has been serving in the position of an elder since that time, fulfilling whatever he was asked to do. On November 30, he was officially ordained to serve in the position of elder. His duties include reading of liturgy, praying, being part of committees, and ministering in the community of Chattanooga, and wherever he may go. He has seen the good, bad, and the ugly in the HR movement before answering the call to the Yahad.



Lizbeth McGee - Ordained Elder Moreh



Liz is a well-known teacher on Youtube and in the Yahad, and an artist selling on Etsy.

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Mary Edwards - Founding Ordained Elder

Houston - Corresponding Secretary

In 2012 I was invited to travel to Florida from Texas and had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Jackson Snyder and Lee Hayhust at a Sukkot held in Jacksonville, Florida.  There were several meetings held each day at this function, speakers of whom I hadn't met before. I came to this event knowing, in total, only one person and was told that the studies were going to be "awesome." When it was Dr. Snyder's turn to speak, I became very aware that the information he was providing was unusual, provocative, interesting.  At that point, I became intently focused. 'Here was something that had life in it,' I remember thinking.  It was through that first encounter, my way of understanding Scripture changed through critical thinking, historical content and also in context, a term I only thought I understood.  This "Yahad" as it is commonly referred to has caused me to be more objective about not only what I read but more importantly, how I read it. I have learned so much through my experiences in being an active and willing member of the Vero Yahad group, gratified to be led there by the gentle guidance of the Spirit, learning to decipher truth from fiction and finding pieces of the puzzle that actually fiit! 

Stephanie Heidlebaugh
Texas - Appointed Deacon in Training

Stephanie is strong, as you can see.  And she is able to deal powerful blows to the enemy.


Christian Smith - Ordained Elder

Peru, IN - Security & Servant


I was reintroduced to YHVH in 2014, in a Christian bookstore. In that store I found a book that captivated my mind and body. I haven't been able to turn away from His Word since that beautiful day. I don't know if His Torah has been written on my heart yet, but it's certainly been written on my mind.

Jackie Ray Boshers - Appointed Deacon
Tennessee - Torah Teacher

Brenda Westbeld - Ordained Deacon

Columbus, OH - Music & Prayer

Brian & Leona Toews - Ordained Diaconal Ministers

Altona, MB Canada - Curriculum & Spirituality

Julie Welch, MA - Appointed Deacon

Coffeeville, KS - Inspector

Prof. Gregory Smith - Appointed Deacon - Hebrew Teacher
South Carolina

Joshua Heidelbaugh - Appointed Deacon

Austin - Someday We'll See Thee


Chris Plourde "Crispy" - Ordained Founding Elder

Vero Beach - Home Guard, Servant & Comedian


Born in Key West, raised in Hawaii, been in Florida since 1970 so you can say I have island blood mon. No formal education, I am just a servant and missionary extraordinaire. I am on a simple mission now waiting on the next adventure. I was raised Catholic but spent my life bouncing from denomination to denomination hungry, lost, desperate for the truth. It was Jackson who spoke the words to me that set my path straight; Yahweh and Yahshua. There you go! You may not see me around but I am always there.