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Go to the FREE Motivational Graces Inventories!  Use PIN # "STUDIES" to get your free assessment. You may complete the surveys MGI, CMI and DWM at  These assessments are not automated (they are personally prepared by a degreed MDiv, PnCP), so please be prepared to wait three business days for your assessment.


Jesus and Nicodemus
Kenneth Wuest From Word Studies in the Greek New Testament

Questions on the Ransom
From Bible Students Online

Podcast Series: The Baptism in the Spirit
Several hours of teaching

The Universal Appeal of the Logos, the Word

Jackson Snyder - All About Logos


My Perfect Prayer
A Song About Speaking in Tongues


Be Healed in the Name of Yahshua

A Song About Healing

Higher Knowledge and Salt
Maurice Nicoll

The Office of Prophet and the Gift of Prophecy
Art Katz

Faith-sharing Evangelism Library
Jackson Snyder - many articles

Left Hand; Right Hand
Maurice Nicoll from The New Man

The New Birth

John Wesley, Sermon 45 from The 1872 Edition


Streaming Audio - A Modern Prophecy

Johnnie Foote's Flame of Fire Ministries


Detailed Explanations of the Nine Motivational Graces


The Nine Key Personality Descriptions


Temperament and Temperament Mask Descriptions


GCY E-book of Creation Therapy [10 mg pdf]

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