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Dear friends,

We will work with churches and academies to provide free assessments under the following conditions.

1. Every person who commits to taking the assessments must complete every assessment with as much integrity, honesty, and good faith as possible. 

2. Every individual must use an individual/unique email address, as the email address becomes part of the file name, and it is literally impossible to keep different assessments from different people from the same address differentiated.

3. No partial assessments will be scored. If people are serious about learning what the Almighty has for them, then they need to be serious about sacrificing some leisure time to start and finish the assessments. Being complete also means providing names and addresses and other personal information we need internally.

4. We would need the pastor, dean or group leader review each assessment to  provide a brief critique of the results. Again, this would require complete assessments along with discreet email addresses and names.


5. We are hesitant to limit people with a real desire to discover their graces and how their personalities filter their graces, but 12 is a goodly number to assess from one entity. 

6. Each group may, at our discretion, be assigned a unique password (PIN #) valid for a specific number of days.  The password, by your honor, will not be distributed outside the group, and no inventories from the group without the password will be assessed.

Working with your group has the potential to enhance our cutting-edge research, and to deepen your group's effectiveness in the Kingdom.  Trusting all of this has been received in the same charity in which it was composed, I remain,


Banks Brazell
President and Founder 
Affordable Training Consultants International

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