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You are the primary church leader.  You were elected to the position, but you donít have the Motivational Gift of Administration, youíre just a nice person.  But you do have seven people you may rely on to get the jobs and problems you encounter solved.  You called in a teacher to do a Motivational Gifts Assessment program and found that your people had the following motivations:

Oral Robertson: Prophecy / Teaching
Teresa Calcutta: Ministry / Mercy
Wally Peepsters: Teaching / Encouraging
Joyce McBrothers: Encouraging / Serving
Andrew Carnuga: Sharing / Administration
Amanda Hammer: Administration / Prophecy
Celeste Helpful: Mercy / Sharing

Here are the situations, common in the life of the Church and Christian Community, which come up over the course of a yearís time.  Choose the person you will put in charge plus the people you need to help solve the problems in the best possible way.

1.  The Minister wants to do a Christian Passover Supper that requires the fellowship hall to be set up, several special dishes to be cooked and material to be ordered and distributed.  Who all do you assign and why?

2.  An unwed mother lives in the community with her mother.  Her mother dies unexpectedly.  Your church friend, Celeste Helpful, tells you about this and wants you to do something to help.  What do you do?

3.  It has been discovered that the teens in church have found a way to get into the building without a key.  The maintenance supervisor discovered marijuana in the Sunday School room.  You are pretty sure of which teens are getting in.  It is your intention to confront them Sunday morning.  Who do you get to do your dirty work?

4.  The preaching, which is normally good, has recently gone sour.  The minister seems unprepared now.  Who finds out what the problem is?

5.  The church building needs a new furnace.  Thereís no money, and you need a fund-raising drive.  Who?

6.  The Bishop is appalled that your church is taking in youth members without confirmation!  You have to get a class going quick because the minister doesnít care what the Bishop says, but you do! Who do you put to work?

7.  Who bakes the best cakes?  Who brags the most?  Who gets the job done?  Who doesnít?  Who has the most advice?

8.  The assisted living center calls you to see if you can get the Minister to come down.  There are shut-ins that really seem depressed.  You know better than to send the minister, heís the Prophetic type.  Instead, you send whom?

9.  Your car breaks down.  You have no choice (if you want to keep working) but to ask someone for help.  Thatís hard, because you are the deaconess in the church.  Who are you going to ask?

10.  Itís time for Vacation Bible School.  You made a mess of it last year.  Who runs it this year?

11.  Who are the most difficult board members?  Who are the peacemakers?  The avoiders?  The yes men?

12.  A couple families get mad and leave the church.  You think the minister needs to get right over there and set things straight with them.  Who do you discuss it with before sending the minister?  Who then do you send first?

13.  You decide to start a telephone campaign.  What people do you pick to put in charge?

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