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Pneumatology is the study of the action, nature and extent of spiritual things, beings and phenomena, especially the interactions between humans and the Deity.

Pneumatology helps us understand and practice the Gifts of the Spirit, including the Motivational Graces of Romans 12, the Spiritual Gifts of First Corinthians 12, the Apostolic Grantings of First Corinthians 12 and Ephesians 4, and the miraculous works of the foundational writings of faith.

The Lamar Hayes Institute has developed the finest and most practical approach to Spiritual Resources that includes academic research, beginning Greek and Hebrew exegesis, first-hand experience, and practical application.

What Does a Pneumatologist Do?

A Pneumatologist is an expert in spiritual theology, spiritual experience and spiritual phenomenon within the realm of Judeo-Christian practice. 

A Pneumatologist understands, practices, and explains
          spiritual gifts and graces,
          theology of spiritual (pneumatic) things and of the Holy Spirit,
          divisions of gifts, graces and grantings,
          why people manifest certain gifts and why they do not,
          which spiritual manifestations are right and which are evil.

The Pneumatologist has acquired
          compassion and empathy for others,
          experience in the spiritual realm,
          cursory knowledge of original Biblical language and meaning,
          the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and fire,
          miracle-working abilities,
          and has discovered his / her strengths, weaknesses and boundaries.

The Pneumatologist is able to
          compose, execute and maintain spiritual gifts seminars,
          use many, varied inventories and methods of evaluation,
          employ personal intuition and discernment to help others understand,
          teach disciples to reach their highest and best good, and
          in them, duplicate their own training, expertise and experience.

Four Professional Certifications

To our knowledge (and that of our international colleagues), there is no other academic course, professional certification, or extensive educational program and praxis in Pneumatology.  After having presented Gifts Seminars for nearly thirty years, having received and used multiple spiritual gifts in regular life and church work, and having assessed thousands of individuals over the Internet and in person, we have identified four levels of Pneumatological competency, composed simple training courses to deliver this knowledge, and proposed exercises to enhance coursework with practical experience.

Pn. A. - Pneumatology, Associate

Associate Pneumatologists may conduct official Lamar Hayes Institute seminars in understanding behavior and inspired abilities via the Motivational Gifts.  The Pn. A. may also administer the Lamar Hayes Motivational Gifts Inventory by way of Internet or printed material.  The Pn. A. may teach the Motivational Way to students and introduce them to the Integrated Approach Method of Self-discovery.

The coursework required for completion and certification on the Associate level includes

  • Complete a letter of intention: who are you, where can we find you, why are you studying Pneumatology and what do you plan to do with your certification.
    Email it using the contact form.
  • Payment of the registration where appropriate.
  • Purchase and completion of the workbooks: Spiritual Gifts Revelation 1 (This text is available in print or online).
  • Satisfactory completion of written exercises in practical Pneumatology.
  • Completions of extra readings and sign-off.
  • Hosting two small Motivational Gifts demonstrations / seminars as per the directions in Spiritual Gifts Revelation 1

This course is independent study with mentoring (if necessary) on-line, by phone or in person.  We request $250 for tuition unless a different amount is determined by the registrar (see the letter below).  The potential Pn. A. must purchase the texts and promise to complete the material within three months.  If you would like to be considered for free tuition, complete your letter of intention.


Pn. P. - Pneumatology, Practical

Practical Pneumatologists are able to conduct any charismatic works of our Associates plus the Pn. P. may conduct official seminars in understanding behavior and inspired abilities through Pneumatic Gifts and Apostolic Grantings.  The Pn. P. will be fully equipped to both explain and confer Spirit Baptism and direct others in spiritual formation, use of gifts and spiritual healing. The Pneumatologist will be free to charge a fee for her services or receive an honorarium.  In most cases, the fees / honorariums may be tax-deductible.

Pn. A. is required, plus the reading of Spiritual Gifts Revelation 2 and successful completion of the practical exercises found therein .  We request $250 for tuition unless a different amount is determined by the registrar (see the letter below). Certification requires two hands-on events demonstrating proficiency in practical pneumatology, two field trips, plus one research paper or presentation.  Other readings / reportings may also be required.


Pn. C. - Pneumatology, Clinical (professional)

Clinical Pneumatologists are able to conduct any charismatic and pneumatic works that our Associates and Practicals do.  In addition, the Clinical Professional is licensed by the Lamar Hayes Institute to counsel in private or assembly settings using the Integrated Method of Motivational Graces, Temperamental Personalities, Direct - Open Inventory and Nine-Key (Enneagram) types.  Further, the Clinical Professional should be able to set up assessment stations in real-time or cyberspace, evaluate and assess all LHI Inventories, accumulate potential client inventories, and provide remedial help to clients via personal interview, phone or email.

Pn. P. Certification is required, plus successful completion of our text, Assessing and Teaching the Integrated Approach to Spiritual Gifts.  Successful examinations for two other practices are required, preferably Creation Therapy and Understanding the Enneagram.  A research project in Cognitive and Practical Pneumatology is also required.  Tuition is set at the time of application.


Pn. C+. - Pneumatology, Clinical (+ counseling)

This Clinical Pneumatologist is also Certified in Creation Therapy, Esoteric Psychology, approved Enneagram program. Kersey Character type, clinical educational, mental health discipline, or approved Christian Counseling method.


Lamar Hayes Institute
Tallahassee, FL

Hello Potential Student:

The certifications you ask about are in Pneumatology – “Spiritual Resources.”  The information above is designed to give you an idea of the first two certifications.  Once they are completed, your advancement in Pneumatic Counseling will be by a personal plan of studies and events.  Foe the time being, shoot for the Pn.A. and the Pn.P.  That said:

There are two complete texts which I have written based on my own vast experience in the subject matter, each text has its with requirements and praxis:

  • Spiritual Gifts Revelation Volume One: Charismata Theory, Assessment & Problem Solving, and

  • Spiritual Gifts Revelation Volume Two: Miracles by the Book (The Pneumatic and Apostolic Gifts)

Either myself or an assigned pneumatologist will be available for mentoring throughout your tenure as student.   

There is a third, advanced, mentored course:

  • Assessing and Teaching the Integrated Approach to Spiritual Gifts.

This is an intensive course in using ancient techniques to help others (and yourself) find their souls.  It is directed self-study that includes meetings online with your mentor, or in person if possible.

Each course suggests a couple other books as supplementary material and requires hands-on projects.  Also, throughout, there are devotional as well as academic exercises.

I am not ashamed to make the claim that the Integrated Approach is the most accurate in the world for assessing the favors of the Heavenly Father.  Thousands have completed LHI assessments either in person or via the web.

When you complete the first workbook successfully, you will be an expert in the Motivational Gifts, and will have completed a couple Motivational Seminars on your end.  You will have all you need to take the training forth.

The cost of tuition is decided by the student's ability to pay.  Otherwise, a student may make a generous donation anytime, which will help tremendously. In some cases, in lieu of tuition, the successful student may tithe back any income received through her practice to the LHI mentor.  Though tuition is flexible, the training material is neither inexpensive nor 'light.'  It is comprehensive, complete, academic, and practical.  Some I can make available on the web.  Other parts must be purchased.

You may make your intention to become a Pneumatology student known and I will make sections of the texts available for your perusal online for three days.  In that time you must decide whether you can commitment to completing the first certification (Pn. A.) course in 180 days.  If a no go, I ask that you not make a copy of the texts.  Of course, you may always purchase the printed version at

Certification usually is completed through The Lamar Hayes Institute of Pneumatology.  Sometimes we use other institutes or ministries to certify you if they would work better with your ministry goals.   

Since this material contains several new concepts we have learned from years of assessments and experience, we do not seek any other denominational recommendations. However, since I wrote the texts and composed the courses, they are completed through the lens of my own theological perspective, which is Messianic / Nazorean.  This said, the student may expect to learn and experience supernaturalism from a Hebraic perspective not unlike that of the  very first disciples of our master Yahshua the Nazorean.

If you need further information, or you want an application, please contact me by email: roots AT  Thank you.

Yours in Yahweh,

Dr. Jackson Snyder

(801) 850-6901 (leave a message with your email address)


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