LESSON 7 - Essene Academy of Religion, Theology and History


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Dr. Jackson Snyder

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Sebastian, FL 32958

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Essene Hebrew Roots Bootcamp "Jesus Seminar" is coming up in Douglas, GA (near Jacksonville) August 2 - 7.  The cost is embarrasing - $51 for students of this class (free for minors) for 5 days of food and lodging.  Not $51 per day, $51 for 5 days.  The theme - "Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up."  We have made this very important camp available to you and your minor children almost free so you can get here.  We will learn about the Man who stood before Pilate from rare sources, learn how he did what he did, and practice his spiritual gifts to proficiency.  More information and registration is here:  www.yes-he-will.com.  We are finding VERY reasonable flights to Atlanta at www.flyfrontier.com.  We can pick you up there.

More James and Paul.


http://amzn.to/29CsiKf  Please order Who Wrote the Bible?  J. E. Friedman from the link and get it for a penny.  This book will be the entire substance of Lesson 8!  ORDER IT NOW.

"They Chose New Gods" Part 1 (Judges 5:8)

"They Chose New Gods" Part 2 (Judges 5:8)

James and the Dead Sea Scrolls with Linda Watson and Brad Brink

How Nero Enjoyed Paul's Letters

Paul and the Greek Philosophers

The Empty Man - The Battle of Paul vs. James  See Galatians 2:20 and James 2:20

Advanced, pick