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COURSE 3 - Conventional Essenes; Unconventional Origins


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Greetings and felicitations.


We have gone through some of the lore of the Dead Sea Scrolls and sampled a few as well.  What of the acts and beliefs of the people of the Scrolls?  There are several ancient witnesses to the Essenes and the their sects, for there were several.  In this lesson we'll discover some.


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As for the exams - They are not meant to be hard, and you do not need to write a book.  Just answer the questions as best as you can.


Recommended Reading -

   Boccaccini - Beyond the Essene Hypothesis (required reading)

   Baigent & Lee - The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception (required)

   Akers - The Lost Religion of Jesus

   Feather: Black Holes in the Dead Sea Scrolls

   Wise - The First Messiah

   Wise, Abegg, et al - The Dead Sea Scrolls (Introduction only)



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