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COURSE 2 - The Dead Sea Scrolls


Vero Essene Yahad

Dr. Jackson Snyder

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Exam Overview



We have explored the Melchizedek / Zadokite movement from 1800 BC until the turn of the millennium.  In 1946-47, up from the ground came the ancient manuscripts we now know as the Dead Sea Scrolls.  The Scrolls are very difficult to understand without the background.  But a few things that are clear from the first are that these documents are Enochian, Zadokite and seeking Melchizedek as a Savior.  There are also several new testament texts among the scrolls which we will discuss later.  For now, let's get a taste of the Scrolls themselves.  If you need an introduction to the finding of the Scrolls, go to wikipedia

We teach what is called in the Wiki article "Christian Origin Theory," and we will work on this in the next course.  There are a LOT of books and videos on the Dead Sea Scrolls. There are also LOTS of theories about the people who used them.  But a few of the major possibilities that we find are these:

  The Scroll people are the remains of Zadokites, Hasideans, Enochians and Zealots.

  Their leaders were the descendants of the Melchizedek / Zadokite priesthood that was ousted from the Temple by the Maccabees.

   Their descendants were those known today as Essenes, Ebionites, Nazoreans,

Zealots, Sicarii, Enochians, and Jewish Christians.

   The Epistle of Hebrews in the New Testament is more closely related to the Scrolls than the New Testament.

   Several of the texts refer to the characters in the New Testament, especially James the Just, 'Jesus,' Paul and the High Priests of the family of Annas.

   Some of the Scrolls are SECTARIAN - those of violent freedom fighters / terrorists who fought Rome in the Jewish War.

   The Vero Essene Yahad - we do not follow the Qumran Essenes; rather what we call Conventional Essenes as characterized by Philo of Alexandria.

   Conventional Essene / Nazorean faith, life and practice will be discussed in the next course.


Required Reading -  

    Archuleta - Hebrew Remembrance Calendar (required)

   Boccaccini - Beyond the Essene Hypothesis (required)

   Wise, Abegg, et al - The Dead Sea Scrolls (Introduction only)

   Yahad (Community) Rule (required)

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