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The Origins of the Essenes, Ancient Witnesses and Calendars


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Greetings students of Essene Academy of Religion, Theology and History, Vero Essene Yahad.  Special greeting to newcomers and Yahad assembly elders.  In this first installment, let us look at the history of the movement.  We actually have several origins and 'fathers' in our Essene Faith - here they are:


'Melchizedek' in Jebus from about 1800 BC

Zaphenath-Paneah in Egypt 1350 BC

Moses is Egypt 1200 BC

Zadok the Priest in Jerusalem 1000 BC

Ezekiel the Priest / Prophet 600 BC

Onias IV the Priest / 170 BC

The Teacher of Righteousness 200 BC - 100 AD 

Yahshua the Son of Man 30 AD

James the Just 60 AD


The Essene Movement is a coming together of several middle Judaisms - The Zadokites, the Enochians, the Chasidim, The Nazoreans and the Ebionites.  The Ebionites were finally absorbed into Islam through conquest.  Our intention is to restore this line in our time, and there is a prophecy in the Scrolls that tells us that in the far-flung future, the line will live again - as soon as "the boos ascend out of the ground."  We understand this to mean the discovery of many essential writings of the first century that had been hidden or destroyed by religious or political agents in the first few centuries AD.  Indeed, early histories of both church and state inform us that a plethora of books (important to us) were destroyed or "commended top the fire."  Only some of these have been recovered, many in the last 120 years, including


   The Teaching of the Twelve (Didache)
   The Epistle of Barnabas

   The Dead Sea Scrolls (perhaps 850 books)

   The Gospel of the Nazarenes

   The Nazarene Acts of the Apostles (the Clementia)

   More of 1st Enoch and 2nd Enoch

   The Aramaic / Slavonic Josephus.


We will look into all these texts in due time in order to ferret out the real man who called himself by a legendary name, the 'Son of Man', so meaningful if we are to understand him.


But first let us get some history under our belts.


Most of the audios you will be listening to are from my radio show on Hebrew Nation Radio, but there will be various teachers.  Below are twelve links.  The first six are required for you to listen to, and there will be a test so as to keep a record of who is continuing and who isn't.  The second six are for the over-achievers, professionals and the aficionado.  They are for extra credit / extra knowledge.  There will also be an easy test on these - I will email you the test link before the week is up.


In addition, there are a few easy books to read - we will read a part of them every week.  You are not tested on the book reading.  I will supply you the books in pdf.  If you want printed books, I will supply a link to purchase those.


We will expect at least the first of the two tests to be completed no later that Sunday night of the week you receive the emailed material.  Not completing the tests, which are easy, will get you expelled from the class.  It is our intention to get this course into the curriculum of a theological school, so we must garner results from you.


If you are going to send the $25.00 I request, please do so in the first week.  I have gone to a great deal of expense to produce this course, and if you are serious, you will send this tiny amount in by paypal or mail.  This same training cost me $500 per credit hour on 200 credit hours.  You are going to receive it for $25 dollars a course.  Paypal to or send a check to 3495 1st St. Vero Beach, FL  32968.  

MP3 CDs are available at $7.50 per course.  These can be played on a car (2007 and newer), a computer or a TV DVD player.

As for my credentials, I am a career pastoral minister and a speculative theologian.  Now at 64, I have been in the ministry since my youth.  I hold Associate and Bachelor degrees from Indiana University, Master of Divinity from Emory University Atlanta, Clinical Pastoral Education from Baptist Hospital in Pensacola, FL, Doctorate of Humane Letters conferred by the church through the Wesley Synod, and have worked in many areas of ministry and service down through the years.  I find it a privilege to teach you what I know.  This is not a cheap Bible course; this is Masters' level material and the extra credit material is often fit for Doctoral work.


We will talk about the Vero Essene Yahad and the concepts behind it as we go along.  Successful completion will make you a candidate for ordination and / or college credit (if we can get it). You will also receive a certificate of completion.


Required Reading -

     Boccaccini - Beyond the Essene Hypothesis

     Josephus on the Essenes

     Philo on the Essenes

     Pliny on Essenes

     Hippolytus on Essenes

     Hebraic Remembrance Calendar


COURSE 1 - The Origins of the Essenes, Ancient Witnesses and Calendars


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