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Death, Hell & Resurrection
Ron Day:
The Day of Judgment
Hell in the Bible
With What Body Will We be Raised?
Used with permission
When a Man Dies
Dawn Bible Students
What I Believe About Life After Death
Jackson Snyder

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Secret Sayings of the Savior
All the ancient extra biblical words of Jesus
Why I Observe the Sabbath
All objections addressed and overcome
The Charismatic Gifts and
Wesleyan Theology
Including Many True Case Studies

New York Prophecies
A.A. Allen, David Wilkerson Nostradamus, Apollyon
Feast of Trumpets 1999-2001
Gwen Shaw, Calendar
Earthquakes, Signs

"His Uncommon Table"
Eucharist Testimonial by Mike Aquilina (used by permission)


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Health, Religion, Demonology
Restless Leg Syndrome
Methodists in Cambodia
Burn Victims Recover
Mad Cow Disease
Malachi Martin
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Is Tim McVeigh in Heaven?
No One "Left Behind"
Calvin on Predestination
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Dominus Iesus 
The Catholic Church is right about their authority!

Testimony of Steward Bedillion

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Methodists in Cambodia 2001
Bishop Larry Goodpaster
New Hymns  
Composed for the  September 11 tragedy by Ruth Duck

"Nightwatch - A Vision"
Peter Snyder in Jerusalem (used by permission)