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A Few of my favorites - click any one for more:

Christ Carrying the Cross, Uffizi Gallery, Florence Giclee Print by Francesco Salviati

Christ in Clouds Poster by Danny Hahlbohm

Christ and Child Posters by Danny Hahlbohm

King Of Kings Prints

The Good Shepherd Posters

Jesus at Twelve Prints by J. M. Hoffman

La Passion Poster


A Few of my favorites - click any one for more:

Christ Carrying the Cross, Uffizi Gallery, Florence Giclee Print by Francesco Salviati

Christ in Clouds Poster by Danny Hahlbohm

Christ and Child Posters by Danny Hahlbohm

King Of Kings Prints

The Good Shepherd Posters

Jesus at Twelve Prints by J. M. Hoffman

La Passion Poster


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Matthew 5 Ė 7, <Luke 6>, John 14 all paraphrased below

You Are Fortunate

†† Repentant folks are fortunate: heaven is theirs. Mourners are fortunate: they'll be comforted. Gentle folks are fortunate: the earth is their inheritance. Those hungry for justice are fortunate: theyíll be satisfied.The merciful are fortunate: mercy will be theirs. The pure are fortunate: they'll see Yahweh.Peacemakers are fortunate: they'll be known as Yahweh's children.Those who are persecuted for the sake of justice are fortunate: heaven is theirs. You are fortunate to be insulted and persecuted. You are fortunate when every kind of evil is spoken about you falsely for my sake. Be thrilled about it. Your reward is huge, the same as that of the history's great saints who were also harassed.

Jesus at Thirty - A Psychological and Historical Portrait
By John W. Miller / Augsburg Fortress

Has historical scholarship neglected the humanity of Jesus for the sake of presenting his divinity? Miller offers a psycho-historical assessment of family relationships, sexuality, temptations, midlife transitions, and more. Initially unsettling---and ultimately triumphant. Includes critique of previous studies, expansive endnotes, and bibliography. 177 pages, hardcover from Fortress.

<But you rich folks will be wretched then, for your have received your reward already.And you who have plenty to eat will be wretched, for then youíll be hungry.You folks that are so happy and carefree now will be wretched; youíll weep and mourn later.Woe to you who are highly spoken of.In an earlier time, people spoke highly of false prophets and look how they ended up.>


Salt and Light

†† Look.You are salt on the world. So if the salt has lost its saltiness, how can we say the world has been salted?If salt isn't salty, then whatís it good for?Nothing.It might as well be walked upon just as though it were worthless sand.

†† You are the world's light.The town up there on the hill is impossible to hide.Likewise, a candle isn't lit just to be put under a bushel basket.A burning candle is set on a candelabrum so a dark room can be brightened up.Likewise, let your light shine by doing good so that your goodness, like a candle in a dark room, might be seen and glory given to your heavenly Father.


The Law and Prophets

†† I haven't come to repeal the laws of Yahweh you find in the Old Testament or to diminish the influence of their authors.Rather, I've come to obey and fulfillthem all.The universe could pass away yet not the slightest bit of the Old Testament law or prophets can possibly be diminished until their fulfillment.

†† So whoever countermands the Commandments of Yahweh in the slightest way will be the least in Heaven's Kingdom.But those who obey the Law will be great. For unless your devotion to righteousness is greater than that of the pastors and church officers, you'll never enter Heavenís Kingdom.

†† For instance, you've heard tell that you shouldn't kill anyone or you may end up on death row. But I'm telling you that for just being angry at someone you may get the death penalty; and if you spit at someone you may obligate yourself to the burning trash heap.



†† So if you intend to give an offering to Yahweh, before you do, go be reconciled first.Befriend your accusers quickly.Or else your accusers may turn you over to the judge and the judge may turn you over to the bailiff and you may end up in prison. And be assured you won't be released from there until you serve out your full sentence.


Adultery to Love

†† You've heard tell that you dare not commit adultery. But I'm telling you that if you even look at someone with intentional lust you've already become an adulterer inside. If your eye causes you to sin, yank it out; this is better than being thrown onto the burning trash heap. And if your hand causes you to sin, you're better to cut it off than end up on the heap.

†† You've also heard that if you want a divorce you need to go to court. But I'm telling you that if you divorce for any reason except immorality you make your partner an adulterer. And whoever then marries an adulterer becomes one too, according to the Law.

†† You've heard tell that you shouldn't break your solemn promise but fulfill it as though you had agreed with the Lord himself. Now I'm telling you to give up swearing completely. Just say 'yes' or 'no'. Anything more comes from the evil one.

†† You've heard tell 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'.But I'm telling you, it's no use getting even with somebody who's done you wrong. If someone slaps you, let him slap you again, if he dares. If someone forces you by law to work for him, do more work than you need to. <Listen to me: love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you.>

†† <Give to every one who asks you.If you lend something and donít get it back, donít even ask for it.If you lend expecting to receive, what credit is that to you?†† Even sinners lend to sinners with the expectation of getting something more in return.Your standard is higher than that.>In fact, give and lend to anyone who asks and what you <give will be returned to you generously, pressed down, shaken together, running over into your lap, measure for measure.>

†† You've heard tell, 'love your friends and hate your enemies.' But I'm telling you now, do loving acts for even your enemies and pray for the people that cause you pain so that you may remain children of your Father in Heaven who causes the sun to rise on both the good and the bad and sends rain on the just and the unjust.Face it: I you only love those who love you, where's your reward?Even the most contemptible person loves and is loved. But you must be perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect.




Codex Sinaiticus

New Testament:

from the famed discovery


The earliest, oldest New Testament text has finally been released to the public.  You may read the Codex Sinaiticus online - but only if you know Greek!  To read it inCodex Sinaiticus New Testament H T Anderson English English, you need the only English translation we know.  The H. T. Anderson English Translation of the Codex Sinaiticus, with the three extra early New Testament books and the Sonnini Manuscript of Acts 29 included, and the original absences of certain verses (put in there later by the 'church') is now available only at here.  

THIS IS NOT A CHEAP, SCANNED-IN FACSIMILE. This is a first edition of the text published in easy-to-read Georgia font with plenty of room between verses for your notes.2 points between verses, hard or soft cover.


The Nazarene Acts
of the Apostles

Also known as
The Recognitions of Clement

Ever wonder why PAUL and not PETER received the mission to the lost tribes?  Wasn't Peter the stone upon which the "church" was to be built?  In this new translation of the Nazarene Acts, we follow Kefa (Peter) as he itinerates from Jerusalem and up the Mediterranean coast up to Tripoli, as recorded in the journals of his successor, Clement of Rome (Phi 4:3).  Every message Kefa preached, the company he kept, and the great works of faith the the Almighty accomplished through him are herein recorded.  This 300 page volume has been 'hidden' in the back of an obscure volume of the "Church Fathers" all this time.  Could it be that, in establishing the Gentile 'church' by pushing away from Judaism, this history was purposely hidden?

Hypocrites and Show-offs

†† Donít do good to be seen; you'll not get any reward for this from your Heavenly Father. When you give your offering to the needy, don't shout it from the housetops like the show-offs do: those people who want praise.The praise of their crowd is the only reward they'll ever get.So when you give, don't even allow one hand know what the other hand's doing. Give secretly and your Father will reward you openly.

†† Don't be a prayer-hypocrite.Show-offs love to get attention in church and out.They've already received their reward.But when you pray, go secretly into your room, shut the door and pray to your Father there.And your Father, who sees you in your secret place, will reward you in secret.And in your prayer, don't do a lot of talking.Some think that Yahweh is deaf so they talk really loud and long.Don't be a hypocritical show-off!Your Father knows your needs before you even ask.


Instruction in Prayer and Fasting

†† Pray like this: Our heavenly Father, your name is sacred.May your reign come and your purposes prevail here on earth as in Heaven.Today, give us what we need for tomorrow.Cancel our debts in the same measure that we cancel what weíre owed.Keep us from hard trials and temptations.Deliver us from the evil one.Amen.

†† Remember that if you forgive sins, your heavenly Father will cancel yours.But if you fail to forgive, your heavenly Father won't forgive you either.

†† You may fast and pray.Now when you fast, make sure you don't screw up your face to get attention like the show-offs do.Their reward is your attention.When you go on a fast, wash your face and comb your hair so that the others donít know you're fasting.Your heavenly Father, who watches from a secret place, will reward you.

†† Ask and you'll be answered.Look and you'll find.Knock and the door will swing open. This goes for everybody.If your son asks for an egg sandwich, will you give him a stone?Or if your daughter asks for a little check, will you give her a snake?Of course not.If evil folks still know how to give good gifts to their kids, how much better will be the gifts that your good heavenly Father gives you!Treat others as you want to be treated and give others gifts that youíd like to have for yourself.If you do this, youíll fulfill the spirit of the Law.


Life Investments

†† Don't invest your valuables in worldly endeavors, where the moths depreciate your treasure; taxes rust it away, and thieves steal it.Invest your valuables in the endeavors of heaven, where there are no moths, corrosion, or thieves.Either way you invest, your minds and hearts will reside with your investments -- that's for sure.

†† The eye is the receptacle for light.If your eye works OK, your whole body will be full of light.But if you're blind, your whole body is full of darkness.And if thereís no light then your darkness is very great indeed.

†† No one can work for two employers: either she'll hate one and love the other, or she'll be faithful to one and despise the other.Likewise, your employer can't be both Yahweh and money.Don't fret about how you'll make a living, what you'll eat or drink, your health or what clothes you'll wear.Isn't life more than food, your body more than clothes?Look to the birds.They don't work or invest money, yet your Father takes good care of them.Aren't you worth more than a flock of birds?And does worry add years to your life?No.So why do you worry about goods?Think about how flowers grow.They're not financially viable, yet even Solomon in all his glory was never dressed as lavishly as a tiger lily.

†† If Yahweh clothes the grass, which lives today but is dead and burned up on the trash heap tomorrow, then won't he do a better job with you, as faithless as you are?So don't be worried and say, 'How will we pay this or that' or 'what will we eat or drink?' or 'what will we wear?'Worldly people fret about these things; your heavenly Father already knows what you need.So go after his Kingdom and learn his ways and all the things you want will be yours too.Don't be worried about tomorrow; tomorrow will worry for tomorrow.Take one day at a time.

Criticism and Wisdom

†† <And have mercy, as your Father has been merciful to you.If you donít judge, you wonít be judged.If you donít condemn your friends, then youíll not be condemned.Forgive and you will be forgiven.>

†† Don't be so critical; what goes around comes around.Youíll be criticized in the same measure you criticize.How can you see the speck in your brother's eye through the log in your own?How dare you offer to exploit his little speck? You show-off!Take the log out of your own eye so you can see to pick out his little speck.On the other hand, don't throw your pearls to the hogs.If you do, they may be trampled as the hogs turn to attack you.


Which Way to Go

†† Choose the narrow door.The wide and easy door leads to destruction.Most people take the easy way.But the road that leads to life is narrow and difficult.Few people find it.Along this road, be wary of advisors who act as though they were really concerned about your welfare.By appearance, theyíre as innocent as lambs.But inside, theyíre as hungry as wolves.You'll know them by their fruits.Do scuppernongs grow on a sticker bush?Or do satsumas grow on a prickly pear tree?No.Every healthy tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.A bad tree can never bear good fruit or a good tree bad fruit.Every tree that doesn't bear good fruit will be chopped down and pitched on the burning trash heap.If you know fruit trees then you'll know good advisors from bad.

†† Just because you say Iím 'the Lord' doesn't mean you'll enter my Kingdom.No.Youíll only enter by doing what my Father wants.Some day many folks will say to me, 'Lord, Lord; didn't we preach for you and cast out demons for you and do great things for you?'And then I'll tell them plainly.'No, you didn't.I never even knew you. Get away from me!You are ministers of the devil.'

†† <Can the blind lead the blind? Wonít they both fall in the trash pit?†† A student isnít smarter that his teacher, but he will be when his teacher has taught him everything.>

 These are my instruction for those of you who really want to enter my Kingdom.<Donít call on me, ďLord, Lord,Ē yet not do what I tell you.>Every one who hears me and does what I say will be like a contractor who builds his house on a solid footer.The hurricanes came and beat on the house, but it didn't fall because of its strong foundation.Whoever won't follow my instructions is like the fool who built his house right out on the beach.The hurricane came and the waves beat against it and it fell down: and devastating was its fall.


And in the End (John 14)

†† If you believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me, then you know that what I say doesnít come from me but from Him.Truth now, I am in the Father and the Fatherís in me.You know this because of the signs Iíve shown you: healings, exorcisms, miracles.If you believe in me, you can perform these same signs, and even greater ones, because Iím going to help you from my Fatherís side.Whatever you ask in my name Iíll do so that our Father may be all the more greatly appreciated.If you ask for something to be done in my name, Iíll do it.

†† If you love me you will keep all my sayings.Then if you do, Iíll ask my Father and heíll give you an advocate to be with you forever, the Spirit of truth.The rest of the world can never accept this advocate because it doesnít know him; but you know him because he is with you and in you.No, I never meant to leave you as orphans; I will come to you as your advocate.

†† Whoever holds to my commandments and keeps them loves me; and my Father loves whoever loves me, and Iíll love her and reveal myself to her.So donít be troubled.If in ďGod you trust,Ē trust in me also.My Father's place has many luxury apartments; Iím fixing up an apartment for you.And when itís ready, Iíll come get you so that you can be with me always.

†† (Revelation 22:12-14)And Iím coming soon with rewards, to repay all people, as their service deserves. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.Those who wash their robes clean will be blessed.Theyíll walk through the gates of that Beloved City of New Jerusalem and feed on the Blessed Tree of Life forever.Amen.


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Jackson Snyder
October 10, 1996; February 1, 2002


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