Treating Adult Cystic Acne - Fight Oil with Oil

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I suffered with Cystic Acne through adolescence and into adulthood.  Like others with this disease, I went to the doctor regularly, got the B-12 intramuscular monthly, swallowed the antibiotics, took all the shots, used the tanning light, avoided all the foods the dermatologist said would bring on attacks. 

The shotgun method didn't work for me at all.  And though the worst of it ended in my late 20s, I still had to deal with daily acne and occasional cysts.

When I was researching oils for use in church blessing and healing services, I learned about thorn oil - the residue of the plant that composed the crown of thorns. I learned that this oil (which is actually a wax) is the closest facsimile of human skin oil known.

While still engaged in studying anointing oils, a self-taught healer gave me a massage.  She pointed out that I had some badly infected cysts on my back, and that she could heal them in three days with an oil.

The next year, I took a stressful trip out-of-state and returned with the worst carbuncle I have ever had, and right on the end of my nose.  I couldn't remember what the masseuse used on my back, but a conference speaker I met during that time invited me to his house and there gave me a tiny bottle of oil. He said, "Use it sparingly on that  nose and you will be healed."  After having this monster preset in the middle of my face for the last month, I took his gift and used it as he said.  The monster was soon destroyed (though I have a small scar on my nose to remind me).

It didn't take much more time to put 1 + 1 together regarding these oils - and so I have been using a combination of oils, but just a tiny bit - and prayer - to overcome this depressing disease.  The cure is so simple that few believe it can work, especially when TV and radio adds are constantly heralding some new, multi-part acne"cure" that  can be drop-shipped to your home monthly for $39 per month with shilling and handling.

My cure costs less than $25 and that will get you enough of the essentials to last the rest of your life.

Do not get supermarket or drug store substitutes for the oils!  They are often not refined adequately and can leave you with your acne AND dermatitis.



Organic Jojoba (Thorn) Oil 8 oz.         Get it here, from Mountain Rose Herbs

Organic Tea Tree Oil 1 oz.                  Get it here, from Mountain Rose Herbs

Dropper bottle 15 ml                            Get it here, from Mountain Rose Herbs

(I use Mountain Rose Herbs because of the consistent quality and best price.)

T-40 C-3 Melaleuka Oil - rare quality  Get it at Melaleuka - for Cystic Acne only


The Mix:

Fill the dropper bottle 2/3 of the way with Organic Jojoba Oil.

Add 10 drops of Organic Tea Tree Oil and mix.



Wash the entire face and / or back and dry completely.

Apply only enough of the oil mixture to barely cover the affected area.  This should be such a small amount as to be barely noticeable or felt on the skin.  There should not be an oily sheen. Remember, Jojoba is not an oil; it is a wax.  More does not mean better.  Take the mix into the hairline, as this is very good for both hair and scalp.

Do this in the mid-evening if possible.  Do it again in the morning.  Do not wear make-up and avoid putting fingers to face throughout the day.  Get a partner to do the back, if necessary.

See how your skin tolerates this admixture.  If well, add 5 - 10 more drops of Tea Tree to the mix.

For cysts - before applying the mixture but after washing, rub a small amount of the Melaleuka oil into the cyst and the surrounding area.  This is a very highly concentrated, potent oil.  Do not use but enough to cover and gently rub it in until it is about gone.  Then apply the mixture.


How Can This Work?

Too simple?  Let me tell you how it works: The Melaleuka oil is a very potent antibiotic and has the ability to express that power through several layers of skin.  It will get to the core of the cyst and kill whatever bacteria is in there.

The Jojoba oil (wax), because it is so close to the natural oil of the skin, and because this wax never spoils, it tricks the oil glands of the skin such that they "think" they have already dispensed oil; therefore they no longer do.  You will notice that in the morning, when the skin is usually the oiliest, your skin will be completely dry and extraordinarily supple.  So, no more excess oil to spoil and make more acne.

Finally, the Tea Tree oil, like its cousin, the Melaleuka, has a powerful antibiotic effect.  Along with the Jojoba, it goes deep into the skin and routs bacteria.

How Long?

You will be very impressed with your skin within a week. 

For you caretakers, this same combination (in a different mixture) can do away with dermatitis, head lice and scabies.  Mosqitos and fleas can't stand it.  And the aroma, though pungent, will remind you that you are being made well.


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