Why I Believe that Yahshua has Secretly Returned
to Rule the Nations in the Millennium

Jackson Snyder, February 3, 2001

(This is not meant to be an exhaustive study, only a quick and logical summary.  It may cause the reader to quit in disgust or whet the appetite for more diligent study.  Note that the points below have been jotted down without benefit of a Bible or reference material. -jhs) 

The Time is Up:

I have always felt in my gut that these huge scrapers had something in common with the Millennium Reign of Yahshua Messiah.The Bible deals with seven thousand years of salvation history only.  Nothing is said about the history of earth before Gen 1:1 and little is said about the time after seven thousand years have passed.  (It says only that the Messiah will, at the end of 7000 years, turn the earth and its nations over to Yahweh.)

  The seven days of creation are typical of the seven prophetic days of world history.  (A prophetic day is equal to 1000 temporal years, says the Psalmist and Peter.)  On the seventh day, the creator rested.  Likewise, the seventh day of salvation history will be the rule of the Messiah, who will bring ‘rest’ from all evil.  The last thousand-year period of the seven thousand is called “the Millennium” – a time when the Messiah returns and takes over the government of the earth, ruling as King upon the throne of David.

  By all ways of figuring, we have now passed into the Millennium – the last thousand years of salvation history.  This happened sometime between the Passover of 1999 and the Feast of Trumpets in 2000.  (The sixth trumpet of Revelation may have sounded in August of 1999.  Enter “sixth trumpet” into my search engine.)

  By both the Roman calendar and the Hebrew, we have just now entered into the last thousand years of salvation history.  If the Bible is true and the Messiah is to rule for the final thousand years, then we must not make excuses for the Messiah or the Bible – the Messiah is hear, ruling, whether the blind community can see him or not. 

The Manner in Which He Left is the Manner in Which He Returns:

Luke frames the ascending of Jesus in this way: that he is seen only by his most trusted followers in a divine, spiritual form. He can walk through walls, yet his disciples see him! After 40 days of secret teaching, he ascends into the sky within a cloud. The angelic beings explained to his disciples that he would later descend back to earth in the same way that he ascended. That means that only the chosen disciples will discern his return – only those who are able to see him in the spirit as having returned. On the other hand, the crowd of ‘religious’ will not see him; just as the religious of his former day saw only the temple, the religious of today see only the institution of the church, calling it ‘the body of Christ.’ Yahshua will return to only the very few who are expecting to see him at the beginning of the last prophetic day – the scriptural ‘day of the Messiah,’ which the calendar proves in now.  

The Messianic Secret: Any seminarian is required to take courses in the gospels.

Whether she who attends is godless or godly, she will study the Messianic Secret of the Gospel of Mark. The Messiah when he was revealed did not want anyone to know his identity. Although Mark proclaims his messianic identity in verse one (“huiou theou”), Yahshua the Messiah will never let anyone tell. “Don’t tell anyone,” he commands those he heals, delivers and teaches. Read it over and over for yourself. Just as his first advent was to be kept a secret by his own command, his second advent is also a secret. (Certain listeners of that age and ours are intentionally prevented from understanding.) 

This theme of secrecy is found over and over in the Gospels. 

John reports one other incident that is especially pertinent in chapter 7.  His brother Ya'aqov (James), a noted religious leader in history by his own right, tempted Yahshua to show himself in Jerusalem for the feast of trumpets so that the people paying pilgrimage from all over could see his miracles. But Yahshua kept his going up a secret.  “I will not go and show myself – that is for seekers of fame like you to do.”  Yet John reports that he came secretly to Jerusalem for the feast of trumpets and was found accidentally by a few, teaching in a corner of the Temple.

   Shouldn’t Yahshua have been outside the temple working miracles so his advent at the feast could be known, thus his mission recognized, as his famous brother had commanded him?  No.  He was teaching a few disciples in a dark corner.  He had arrived, but secretly to a few.  Read the passage for yourself. 

   By the way, if you did not know it already, the Feast of Trumpets signifies the trumpet call of the coming of Messiah – the seventh trumpet of the Revelator and the ‘great trumpet’ mentioned by Paul – both speaking of the herald of Messiah’s presence.

The Parousia: being by one's side

Parousia is a Greek word made up of two words: para: “alongside,” and ousia: “being.”  Together they mean “presence,” or “being alongside.”  The word appears many, many times in the New Testament and the Greek version of the Old (called the Septuagint).  Every time the word appears, it is translated (by most Bibles) as “presence” or some form of that word.  Every time except once.  In Matthew 24:3 it is translated “coming.” That is the only place in scripture where the word is translated this way, and in the passage I refer to, it is translated wrongly in order to maintain a certain incorrect theological perspective very commonly held today. 

   Here is the mistranslated passage: the disciples ask Yahshua, “What will be the sign of your coming (parousia) and the end of the age.”  Every serious Sunday School student knows this passage, but it is absolutely incorrect, and has proven to be an intentional interference to a correct understanding of the second coming.  The correct translation is consistent with every other use of the word in the Bible:  “What will be the sign of your presence (parousia) and the end of the age?” 

Fifteen Signs of Messiah

   Yahshua answers this question with fifteen signs, including certain wars, political manifestations and disasters.  

   If these are signs of his coming then they have to happen before he comes. 

   BUT if they are signs of his presence, they must happen after he comes.

  There is only one conclusion if one believes the truth of the Bible as translated correctly.  The signs Yahshua mentions are indicators of his presence; that is, they happen once he is here. This understanding is critical and renders nearly everything popular Bible prophets, celebrities, and religious hobbyists say about the future as being based on an intentional error in translation.  And here is evidence:

The Christian Century

The fifteen signs that Yahshua tells us are indicators of his secret presence have all come to pass already, despite the drivel of popular commentators, who tell us they are in the future.  Of the fifteen, there is just one that I want to call to your attention now: it is in regards to the foreign rule over Jerusalem.  Yahshua said that one sign of his presence is that Jerusalem would no longer be trodden under the foot of foreigners.  Such is finally the case today.  Jerusalem is totally under Israeli control for the first time since 135 AD.  The Jordanian army and the United Nations were driven out of Jerusalem in the summer of 1967.  This is the irrevocable sign of the secret presence of the Messiah.  Furthermore, Yahshua said that “not a generation would pass” before his secret presence would be made know to the public.  A generation is prophetic time is 40 years, no more no less.  To me, this sign indicates that, without doubt, Yahshua is secretly present, setting up his rule now (and, according to the other fourteen signs which have already come to pass, he has been here for about 100 years), and that his presence will be made known to the nations at large in the year 2007, give or take a year.  (1967 + 40 = 2007.)

   Other signs of his presence or coming include the advent of the following: the Pentecostal (1900) and Charismatic (1967) movements, the Bible Students movement (1874), the Zionist movement (1874), the Sacred Name movement (1935), the Messianic Jewish movement (1900), the “World Wars,” the breaking up of national oligarchies and monopolies (like Yugoslavia and the USSR), the formation of the European Union, and many other such people movements that have erupted in the last 100 years.

In summary - We Are In the Millennium Now Because:

 (1) 6000 years of salvation history have passed, and the Bible promises that Yahshua would rule the last thousand.  Every historic time-keeping device, pagan and religious, points to the fact that we are now in the last thousand years of Bible history.  Yahshua must be here or the Bible promise has proven unreliable. 

  (2) Yahshua’s spiritual emissaries conveyed to his earthly emissaries that he would return to earth in the exact same way that he left – in a ‘cloud’ (secretly), revealed only to a few who had earnestly sought him for years.  I am one of the disciples who have sacrificed much to know him, far more than the disciples sacrificed and for much longer than they did.  And I know of many such disciples to whom he has made his presence known in these days. (3) He returned in secret in order to set up the powers of this world in the “Christian Century” to conform to the situation he desires for the full revelation of his glory – as King or the world ruling from the throne of David.  Soon his Kingship will no longer be a secret, and people won’t have to say, “know Yahweh, for all will know me.”

  (4) Furthermore, we have been deceived by the powerful religious leaders of our day who have intentionally mistranslated important Bible passages in order to purposefully perpetuate a lie.  I charge them all with intentional falsification of the Holy Scripture!  (All the while, they maintain to those in their power that the King James Version is infallible.)  For the most part, they absolutely know what I am writing is true, and I challenge any of them on any of these points.  The word parousia as translated in Matt 24 is just one of many such words that remain intentionally incorrectly translated in every major Bible of this day, causing irreparable damage to non-scholarly believers.  Jeremiah tells us that these deceivers, no matter how popular they are at Bible teaching or how pious or powerful they seem to be, will be severely punished for leading the sheep of the hand of Yahweh astray, and keeping them outside the door of the wedding.

  (5) The unmistakable signs of Yahshua’s presence in this world today as prophesied from his own mouth include the favoring of Israel beginning in 1878 and culminating in the Israeli state exactly 70 years later, and the liberation of Jerusalem against all odds in 1967.  This, coupled with the fact that both Hebrew and Roman calendars tell us that we have just passed into the last thousand years of salvation history (‘the Millennium’), should be plenty of evidence for the secret presence or the Messiah. 

  (6) Even so, let me add just one more evidence – that in the year 2000, 6000 years from Adam and 2000 years from the Son of Man, the most powerful nation on earth gets a new president (not rightfully elected, but empowered by a miracle of Yahweh), who espouses an understanding of Yahweh and the Messiah unlike any other in history and backs this understanding up by unprecedented moral action.  Didn’t the Bible teachers tell us that we should expect the antichrist?  Instead we get a man for president who seems directed not by political aspirations at all, but by the force of agape.

In conclusion: If there is even the slightest possibility that this could indeed be the “day of Christ’ (and it really is), shouldn’t we who recognize it start living as the Bible commands Millennium livers to?  A good place to start reading about that kind of living is Isaiah 56. 

Blessing to you and love in Yahshua Messiah.  Unrepentant for this message in 2013, I am Jackson Snyder